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After the installation of electricity in the school and nearby homes, we plan to start computing as the first vocational training skill to the community children and the adults.

From research carried out, 95% of the community people have never used a computer while 50% of the people have only heard of the word but have never got a chance to see it.

In case of any services required, a person has to travel for 29 miles to Masaka district town, which has a few computer centres that can be off assistance.

If many people in the community can't access their simple basic needs that may require a minimum of $1 a day, it means that computer services are impossible for them because of the high expenses encountered.

Its revealed that many companies now want to employ people who are computer literate and this means that only 5% of the people in the community can get fairly paying jobs.

Having got one of the founder members of Kyazanga School a Lecturer at Aptech Computer Education we greatly intend to use him in seeing the lives of his local people changed in this important skill required.

Computing has been chosen to be the first vocational training skill for the project because it seems to be the best avenue to provide sure employment to the local people.

We therefore intend to provide a broad range of computer skills to our orphans and windows so as to become self-sufficient.

We shall also offer computer training to the local people of the community who will be requested to make a small financial contribution for their training.

This contribution will go towards the servicing of the machines we use and the rest will help to look after our children in the home.

We therefore appeal to all kind people who can assist us in acquiring the necessary computers required for this work.

A donation in form of a used, reconditioned personal computer will be greatly welcomed by the community.

A complete clone personal computer in Uganda can be got at $450 and branded ones are higher. We will be grateful for financial contributions that will enable us purchase these required computers or having these computer at hand.

We appreciate your willingness to come to our rescue and may God bless you as you donate.